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Company Policy – Quality, Health and Safety, Environment

Company Policy

Gold Stone Technical Works L.L.C  a company with national and international experience in Design, Manufacturing and installation of Marble and Granite stones, considers the achieving of high levels of product quality, as well as a healthy and safe environment as important company priorities as the production process itself.


In order to ensure that company performance fulfils legal requirements at all the times as well as the targeted goals as to Quality, Environment and Safety, and to turn these aims into reality, Gold Stone Technical Works L.L.C deploys adequate human, instrumental and economic resources and has decided to implement, develop and constantly update an integrated Quality, health and safety management System in compliance with the international standards this policy represents the company's commitment in this regard towards the parties concerned, both within and  outside the organization.            

With the development of the integrated Management System, Gold Stone undertakes to:


•ensure the provision of services which always abide by the clients requirements, in order to fully satisfy their needs in terms of performance quality and delivery schedule;

•consolidate the trust of the parties concerned and involved" towards the development of investment;

•carry out the works in compliance with the quality level defined in the contract with the client;

•minimize any inconvenience to the client's activity in case the works are carried out within the client's working facilities;

•ensure the continuous improvement of our performance to bring full satisfaction of the main contractor acceptance;

•eliminate or minimize the risks to the safety and health of the workers of Gold Stone;

•systematically observe and fully comply with the laws and norms in force to installation sector as well as other requirements undersigned by our company, paying particular attention to the safety and health in working places as well as to environmental protection;

•achieve more and more prestigious goals in the building of civil and industrial works that is related to our specialization as well as more and more complex engineering works;

•Mitigate or, if possible eliminate the incidence of the various environmental impact factors by choosing the best and economically feasible technology available; this is done through material and energy recovery and reuse as well as by enhancing all those components of the production process which enable pollution prevention, the saving of resources and at the same time the production of competitive products;

•inform the employees about the results achieved in the health and safety fields;

•make the company personnel aware of these goals that they can share this Quality, Health and safety oriented attitude and spread suitable practices when carrying out productive activities.

In light of goals described above, Gold Stone takes measures to:

•ensure the continuous conformity of the Integrated Management System;

•maintain the necessary human resources, specialized expertise, technologies and economic resources to carry out and monitor the integrated Management System;

•divulge this Policy to internal and external co-operations in such way as to ensure its understanding;

•maintain this Policy active by defining and examining the relevant goals, targets, programmers in line with said Policy and by informing the personnel;

•consult and sensitive the personnel in conformity with the laws, the norms and the Integrated Management System, so that the personnel understands their fundamental role in attaining the company goals and can thus fully participate and support them both on a professional and personal level;

•continuously communicate with the client in order to define the targeted Quality;

•minimize and control the residual risks for the personnel's health and safety by developing and carrying out suitable training programmer, by adopting working instructions and by using suitable operating measures in the work organization;

•manage our activities in full compliance with the laws in force in the field of Quality and safety of the environment as well as with company policies and goals;

•monitor the environmental aspects connected to one’s activities while trying to reduce their impacts.

Management of Gold Stone Technical Works L.L.C is strongly committed to encourage the evolution of the Integrated Management System through the arrangement of whatever is necessary to achieve the set goals.

Management of Gold Stone Technical Works L.L.C has named a senior Management Representative who acts on behalf of Gold Stone with no further hierarchical restraints within the company.

At regular intervals, the General Manager will examine the degree of achievement of the planned goals and define future goals and targets in line wit the Policy.

This information will be suitably conveyed, thus allowing all levels to become active when so required.

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