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Gold Stone Technical Works L.L.C is the fruit of full dedication hard working of more than two decades on Natural Stone, Marble and Granite formation and installation with constant improvement on the procedures to reach the highest Quality and safety and health Levels can human possibly reach its the place were we can give that kind of quality product that is Unique for the following generations and amazing for the human civilization .


Gold Stone Technical Works L.L.C has a vision to become the largest producer \ Importer \ Exporter  of Natural Stone in the using its strength to provide superior quality products and service with the highest standards. The company is constantly focused on developing and sustaining brand as a market-leader in our field of expertise.


Gold Stone Technical Works L.L.C committed to a philosophy that paved the path to set trends with a focus on evolving customer preferences, market demands and advanced technologies to manufacture world-class products.

CEO \ Founder

Mohammad Jerji

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